We sincerely appreciate your membership and active participation in the community events.  Your SUPPORT is what makes MILANA Kannada Koota a successful community organization!!!



What are some of the advantages (benefits*) of taking MILANA annual membership ?

– Discounted admission tickets for events for the members (typical discount includes $10.00 to $15.00 off of the per family fee, up to $5 off for single person fee)
– Priority for children to participate in the cultural performances.
– Milana Annual membership fee can be claimed as tax deduction as Milana is 501(c)(3)organization
– Provides eligibility to become executive committee member
– When conducted, Games events will be Free for members
– Proud to support your MILANA

*The benefits are subject to further evaluation and change without prior notice.

Annual membership fees and event fees collected from Milana members goes towards managing the expenses in conducting Milana events thought the year.